Whispermat Hushcloth
Whisperdamp Millennium Metal

Pictured clockwise from top left are Whispermat™, Hushcloth®, Millennium Metal, and Whisperdamp products. Our sound barrier composites and vibration damping materials offer superior performance at reduced weight and cost compared to traditional noise control methods.

American Acoustical Products

American Acoustical Products, a division of Ward Process, Inc., manufactures extruded vibration damping and cast sound barrier composites for OEM and industrial noise control applications. Our capabilities include vinyl cast and extrusion lines for manufacturing barrier, composites and damping materials, and a complete range of die cutting, laminating, embossing, sewing and assembly lines. The four main product areas are:

• Sound Absorbing Materials: Hushcloth®, Spaced Absorbers & Millennium Metal
• Sound Barrier Materials: Whispermat™
• Thermal Insulation Materials: Insulwrap
• Vibration Damping Products: VE-V0, DBL, Noiseless Metal

Our materials improve comfort and safety as they increase quality and value in many diverse applications and industries including transportation, military, medical, marine, architectural, construction, heating and ventilation, agricultural, compressor, machine enclosures, home theater, audio/video component, domestic appliance, pipe wrap, Gen-Sets, and HVAC.

Contact us with your acoustic and thermal requirements. We will apply over 45 years of expertise to provide efficient, complete noise and vibration solutions for your product development and production needs.